And it’s all over :) #LOTRDay

Almost at the end #LOTRDay

The end of the road, aragon looking like a total badass #LOTRDay

Po-tay-toes, boil em mash em stuck em in a stew

Gollum is still some of the finest CGI work out there

Onto number two #LOTRDay

One does not simply walk into mordor #LOTRDay

I ain’t been dropping no eaves sir #LOTRDay

And so my journey begins #LOTRDay

Very spicy Cajun chicken and rice, perfection

The face of absolute and utter boredom

Mmmmmm homemade berry banana smoothie

No luck mixing so onto games #destiny

Testing out my new fisheye phone lens #suchahipster

Only one week till game two of the international series #nfl #GAMEDAY